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Question: Can I do some of the work myself?
Yes. However, our experience is that the project can be delayed when the customer gets involved with the construction process. We cannot guarantee a finish date or quality of the project when the customer provides some of the labor.

Question: What is your experience with ADA or handicap accessible bathrooms?
With more & more people staying longer in their homes many of our clients have chosen to make existing bathrooms more user-friendly for senior citizens and others with disabilities. We begin by interviewing family members to determine both short- and long-term needs. Based on that information, we recommend options to best deliver the desired outcome. Some of the more popular choices include replacing a tub that’s difficult to step over with a walk-in shower that features a safety seat, safety grab bars and a hand-held shower within convenient reach. Grab bars are anchored by wood blocking that is installed in the walls and are carefully placed in locations pre-tested by the current or eventual users. Other designs include wheelchair-accessible bath rooms; sometimes with a ramped shower base ( if there is enough space) or in smaller areas we have even converted the entire floor into a shower base that pitches toward a drain. The addition of a main floor bathroom when the only other is on the second floor can also be a practical and relatively economical solution.

We thrive on the challenges presented by designing and constructing bathrooms that meet your every need--for today and tomorrow.

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