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Question: I have very little decorating sense. How can I make sure my bathroom is beautiful?
We have both a professional bathroom designer and an interior decorator on staff to help you with the overall look of your new bathroom. Our designer has a computer-aided design program to provide impressive 3-dimensional, color drawings.

Question: How do I select the best materials and fixtures for my bathroom?
We will help you with this process by going showroom or catalog shopping with you. Your responses to our questions will help narrow the choices and our vast experience with products will help make the optimum selections in price and quality.

Question: Will there be a big mess?
We take-to-heart this invasion of your home and privacy. We respect your property by: laying down clean tarps as needed, taking down pictures, etc. that could fall off the wall, installing a ventilation fan when there is a window, clean the work space and traffic areas daily, dust and vacuum nearby spaces, and clean the bathroom thoroughly on the final day of construction. Our staff dons shoe-covering booties as they enter your home so you needn’t worry about dirt and dust being tracked through.

Question: How do you handle communications during the construction process?
Our project manager will communicate the status of your job at the end of each work day or before the start of the next day each and every day we are in your home. Our goal is to answer your questions before you have to ask them.

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