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Webster & Associates was founded by Mike Webster in 1999 with the mission of providing Madison, Wisconsin and the greater Dane County region with an exclusive bathroom remodeling service contractor. Mike's 20+ years in the plumbing business have taught him firsthand that most "kitchen and bath" or general remodeling contractors concentrate their efforts on more lucrative kitchen or larger carpentry-type work and give bathrooms little real attention.

While there are no other firms in the area specializing in bathrooms, that doesn't mean we take our customers for granted. Indeed, we are the leader when it comes to customer service, design and workmanship quality. But don't just take our word for it ...

DESIGN: " We were very impressed and pleased with the entire remodeling job… your ideas were the best of all the contractors we had contacted."
Stephan & Jean H., Madison

COMMUNICATIONS: "very impressed with (1) efficient scheduling, adhering to it and following through on all phases of the operation (2) Camaraderie and cooperation among the sub contractors (3)Courteous answers to all questions (4) Prompt return of telephone calls."
Dorothy H., Madison

CLEANLINESS: "We are delighted with our new "old" bathroom – and the high quality work you provide. We think you're great; especially the tarps, clean shoes and no mess."
Marsha & Pete C., Madison

"I was afraid of what my home would look like after demolition day even though I was told there wouldn't be a mess. When I got home you were vacuuming the steps, the bath room was down to the studs (but neat & tidy) and all of the debris was gone. It looked like no one was in my home at all. Was I impressed and pleased!…
Judy C., Madison

BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY: "…thank you for doing such a beautiful job on my bathrooms…I couldn't be happier with the work you accomplished including all the extras you did as well."
Kathy M., Madison

"You have been outstanding from the beginning of our project.. unfailingly friendly and responsive, full of good advice, always willing to go the extra mile to help us."
Sondy M., Middleton

PROFESSIONALISM: "…our bath looks great and everyone was very kind and professional… we're quite happy!"
Eilen S., Oregon

"Great job done in a professional manner. Life is wonderful!
Mary V., Madison

QUALITY: "…I got the perfect bathroom"
Ginger S., Shorewood

"Thanks for an excellent job…we really like the bath."
Don W., Madison

"…in 1997 we worked with you for some remodeling in an existing
bath room. We were so pleased with the outcome that when we
decided to go forward with the addition of a new bathroom, we did
not even seek competing bids for the job—we just called you…Once
again, we couldn't be more pleased with the process and with the
results…we are going to miss your smiling faces."
Jane A., Monona

THE TOPPER: "In recent years our two bathrooms needed extensive remodeling and we began a search to find a company that would help us accomplish this goal. For TWO years we tried to locate a firm who would employ competent, congenial and knowledgeable people but with no luck until we met you and everything changed. You possessed all the qualities and answers we were seeking to help us in our remodeling and we knew immediately the project would begin. You helped us make decisions we could not have made ourselves, were always punctual and extremely knowledgeable about all phases of the remodeling. Your friendly manner put us at ease and we could readily tell you were a "pro" in your field. But, wait… there's more. We were extremely pleased with the sub contractors who worked in our house…they, too possessed the same positive qualities that you have. We were very comfortable having them work in our home. Each did their work exceedingly well and we're especially impressed with their neatness and care of our home. In today's world where everyone complains, we just wanted to express our sincere thanks for people like you."
Frank & Delores B., Madison

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